Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!

three steps to studying in the heart of Southern Germany

Where and why?

You are already studying and would like to spend some time in Germany? We give you checklists and help you to organize your studies in southern Germany from application to the first lecture!

What to study?

If you want to study in Germany, you have to make decisions beforehand: which study course suits me, which university in the heart of the South should it be and how does it all work out?

Financing, permits and more ...

How do I finance my studies in Germany? What conditions do I have to meet? Are there any discounts or benefits? How do I find an apartment or shared flat? We show you the direction!

choose your field of study

agriculture sciences, forestry and food science

Anyone who sees more than just trees in the forest or doesn't only like to eat but is devoted to the study of food: you're on the right track!
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humanities, linguistics, cultural sciences

Immerse yourself in the world of poets, thinkers and philosophers and get to know other cultures as well.
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social sciences

What influence does society have? If you are also looking for an answer and enjoy working with many different people, you are right here.
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art, design and music

If you are creative and want to design with the most diverse materials, you will find a large selection of suitable courses here.
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teaching and education

Learn to be able to teach later: We offer a large selection of suitable courses.
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media and communication

Whether in front of or behind the camera, with pen and paper, microphone, camera or mouse: the world of media is open to you after graduation. We show you the possibilities.
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medicine and health care

More than the treatment of cuts and fractures. Getting well and staying healthy is what these disciplines are all about.
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natural sciences and mathematics

Quarks and Co. and elementary particles inspire you? With our programs you will find your numerical fulfillment.
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law and economics

You want to speak right or know where the cash flow flows? These degree programs will guide you to Justitia or Wall Street.
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engineering and engineering science

You want to be technically creative, construct and create? We show you degree courses that will enable you to do this.
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Studying in Southern Germany between Allgäu and Lake Constance​

Study. Feel good.

Having fun and still planning your career: Here you are in the right place. Just click the study location of your choice on the map for more information.

Studying in the heart of Europe

Our universities are located in the middle of Europe, in the south of Germany and in the two economically strong states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bavaria. We combine the efficiency of both countries.

Great economic performance, big opportunities

Our cities have a lot to offer: Manageable size, excellent education and research facilities, diverse natural and recreational opportunities and last but not least excellent career opportunities!

Which college or university are you interested in?

In which city do you want to study?

Still questions left?

Here on we offer you the big finder for courses of study with over 500 degree courses,  study checklists, information about places of study and colleges and information about financing your stay. We also show you where to work after graduation.

If you have any questions on or want to give us feedback, you can contact us at any time with a message. Good luck studying in the heart of Southern Germany! contact form