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The modern Heidenheim with its 46,000 inhabitants has not displaced the old Heidenheim, but developed it positively.

In 2006, the Landesgartenschau set standards. Rest did not occur after that. Congress Center and Schlosshotel evoke similar approval as Brenzpark. Voith-Arena and 1. FC Heidenheim contribute to the attractiveness of the Schlossberg. The state has added a distinctive object to the cityscape with the Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Heidenheim.

The city of Heidenheim

The dynamics of the city are particularly visible in the industry. And the structural change from the workers’ city to the modern industrial city has arrived in the heads. Heads that show excellence not only in business and education, but also in sports and culture, just think of the Opera Festival. In the newly founded Zukunftsakademie, the next generation is already working on the “world of tomorrow”.

The day-care facilities and schools in Heidenheim are up-to-date, and not just structural. From one of the first community schools in the state through Montessori education to four full-grade grammar schools, the entire offer is available all day long according to sophisticated pedagogical concepts.

Nationally unique are the two education houses “2 to 10” with the participation of Voith and Hartmann. Special education facilities, inclusion in general education schools as well as kindergartens and schools of various freelancers complete the offer.

The modern Heidenheim with its 46,000 inhabitants has not displaced the old Heidenheim, but developed positively. Alt-Heidenheim “from a piece” has never existed anyway. Because the city never found its ideal form, the recent phase of urban renewal needed to integrate the old and the new, while remaining open to future developments.

The change in the cityscape on the former areas of Bahn, Ploucquet and WCM speaks for itself and attracts people to live in the city center again.

Special leisure activities

  • Brenzpark with play areas from 3 to 99 and skate park
  • Schlossberg with wildlife park and climbing forest
  • Nature Theater
  • Opera Festival
  • Hellensteinbad Aquarena; Waldfreibad
  • several movie theaters, cinema open air


  • Openair festival in June – Brenzpark
  • International street festival – pedestrian zone
  • Cooper Festival in early August – Town Hall
  • Host party end of August – Castle
  • Winter village – Eugen-Jaekle-Platz

This distinguishes Heidenheim.

short ways

excellent education

Castle Hellenstein