Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!

Where and why should I study in Southern Germany?

In the heart of southern Germany, there are many opportunities to study.

If you want to study, you have to make many decisions. Which subject is right for me, which university suits me? How do I apply for a place to study? Much has to be considered and a lot to be clarified. We provide information on how to make your studies in Southern Germany a success across the board.

Advantages of southern Germany

The offer of StudyGer is aimed at anyone who wants to study in the heart of Southern Germany! We show you university locations and universities.

country, language and people

Germany, your destination for a study stay in the heart of europe. Much will be new to you, but do not worry – everything will be fine!

Projects in the study programs of the universities of StudyGer

From engine development to new e-learning offers to innovative health concepts. If you are curious, enjoy researching within team and want to bring in your ideas and put them to practical use, many projects at the StudyGer Universities offer you the opportunity to do so. Read more about selected projects – maybe this overview will help you in your decision for a study program in Southern Germany.


Predicate work

Analyzing the effects of digitization on the world of work and developing solutions to problems – representatives of industrial companies, research institutions and education providers

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Carolo Cup

The university competition named “Carolo-Cup” offers student teams the opportunity to explore the development and implementation of autonomous model cars. The challenge lies in realizing

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