Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!


Allgäu? Cows, cheese, dirndl, beer? Yes, this idea of the Alpine foothills can do Kempten well.

However, the largest city in the middle of the mountain and lake region in southwestern Bavaria can do more. The mixture of urbanity, rural life, economy, entertainment, culture, history, sports, shopping, education and sustainability makes Kempten with its 65,000 inhabitants a place with a high quality of life , exceptional recreational value and good prospects for the future of all generations.

About the city Kempten

URBAN is Kempten thanks to the colorful social, cultural and pub life and the good infrastructure in all areas.

RURAL is Kempten thanks to the short distances between work, (education) and leisure time, as well as thanks to the familiarity on a small scale.

ECONOMICAL Kempten is attractive for entrepreneurs and employees thanks to the balanced mix of services, trade and industry.

ENTERTAINING is Kempten thanks to the festivities the whole year from jazz spring over the Allgäu festival week to the Christmas market.

CULTURAL is Kempten thanks to ancient Romans, dialect reggae, guest performances by rock, pop and theater stars, contemporary art and modern dance.

HISTORICAL Kempten is significant thanks to the oldest written mention of a German city and the developments in a rival double city with Protestant imperial city and Catholic abbey city.

SPORTY is Kempten thanks to the footballers, Iller surfers, American football, cyclists, runners …

SHOPPING CENTER  of the region is Kempten thanks to the cozy stroll atmosphere with a wide range of small owner-managed shops to world brands branches.

EDUCATED Kempten is the Center of the Allgäu thanks to the steadily growing university, the schools of all sectors and the training opportunities.

SUSTAINABLE is Kempten thanks to the municipal future strategies for the core goals “Strengthen the economy-educate youth-demographics-protect climate-debt-ablate”.

Special leisure


  • Allgäu Festival Week: August, the largest fair and largest festival in the Allgäu region
  • Music Day : June, up to 50 Bands play for a good cause
  • City Festival : July open air with live music in five places
  • ArtNightKempten : Night of Open Studios and Art Actions in the Inner City
  • Kempten DANCE Autumn : October, Regional and International Festival of Contemporary Dance
  • Sport: Running Day (April), Voralpenmarathon (September) & New Year’s Eve Run (always on 31.12.): Fixed dates in the Kempten sports calendar
  • Kempten Christmas Market : in the run-up to Christmas, right around the historic town hall with full framework program

This distinguishes Kempten.

Quality of life: Urban center in the foothills of the Alps

Recreational value: cultural and sports city of the Allgäu

History: German city with the oldest entry