Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!

Financing, permits, visa, part-time jobs and more

Studying in Southern Germany - so many questions!

In order to study in Germany, some things have to be clarified in advance: residence permit, student visa, funding, work opportunities and so on. We will inform you how you can overcome these hurdles and successfully prepare your studies in the heart of Southern Germany.

why, where and how?

Why should you study in the heart of Southern Germany as an international student? What universities are available? After chosing location and university, it’s all about finding and visa.

Part-time jobs and more

Do I need insurance during my stay in Germany, am I allowed to work, where can I find job offers? Here you find information on working and studying, bank accounts and blocked accounts as well as the needed insurance.

Any questions?

If you have questions, feel free to contact StudyGer! Just send us a message!

Contacting StudyGer