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Neu-Ulm, the young Bavarian city on the Danube, has almost 55,000 inhabitants and, together with Ulm, forms a regional center of the Danube-Iller region.

Both cities have positioned themselves as a small "metropolis" between the provincial capitals of Munich and Stuttgart. Together, the regional center has about 170,000 inhabitants and provides 100,000 jobs. The twin city has attractive employers - family and global companies as well as hidden champions and a good opportunities for founders.

About the city Neu-Ulm

In Neu-Ulm, there are many opportunities to gain practical experience with the first professional experience, to find topics for diploma theses or later a permanent employer. The diversified economic structure offers job opportunities from logistics, biotechnology, metal and mechanical engineering, commercial vehicle construction to information technology.

Neu-Ulm has developed in recent years through urban redevelopment, conversion of the US areas, the State Garden Show 2008 and the train lowering NU 21.

In 2008, the new building of the University of Applied Sciences Neu-Ulm was moved into the former Wiley barracks. It is  now located on a small lake. The Neu-Ulm University of Applied Sciences  is so popular with students that the expansion is planned only five years after completion. In the neighboring residential area Wiley there are student residences within easy walking distance, or possibilities to find an apartment in the general housing market.

The Dietrich Cinema, the Ratiopharm Arena (basketball league and concerts) and the new DAV climbing hall are within walking distance of the university and the student apartments. There are shopping opportunities on the other side in Wegenerstraße.

Special leisure activities

  • Dietrich Cinema
  • Donaubad
  • Multifunction hall Ratiopharm Arena
  • Climbing hall of the DAV


  • International Danube Festival (2 years old)
  • Glacis concerts
  • City ​​Festival
  • Pottery market
  • Craft market
  • Culture in the Caponniere 4
  • Open Airs at Wiley

What distinguishes Neu-Ulm.

Studying in an attractive new building

Short ways for students

Study, live, shop, relax at Wiley