Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!


High up on the Martinsberg, in the midst of an imposing monastery complex, stands Germany's largest baroque basilica.

Ornate frescoes, high altar, choir stalls, golden choir lattice and the world-famous Gabler organ make the "Swabian St. Peter" a pearl on the Upper Swabian Baroque street.

About the town Weingarten

The steps from the basilica down to the lively city center are short. There, Upper Swabian hospitality, the business world and the newly designed city garden invite you to a leisurely stroll through the city.

Good service, short distances, numerous events throughout the year and a generous offer of free parking spaces make shopping in Weingarten a great overall experience.

Diverse educational offer

The College of Education, the University of Applied Sciences Ravensburg-Weingarten and other study facilities give Weingarten a special emphasis as an educational location and are an important location advantage for the regional economy.

Culture and customs are very popular in Weingarten. Four museums, deeply rooted in history Weingarten’s folklore events and a rich cultural program are waiting to be experienced.

High recreational value

Living where others spend their holidays in the beautiful recreational landscape near Lake Constance and the Alps. The diverse offerings for sports and leisure are other reasons why citizens and visitors in Weingarten always feel good.

The most precious treasure of Weingarten is the holy blood relic preserved in the altar under the dome. The city of Weingarten has long been known as a place of pilgrimage and station on the Jakobusweg. To this day, the “Blutritt” (“blood rush”) on the day after Ascension is an impressive testimony of Upper Swabian piety and with around 3,000 participants on horseback Europe’s largest equestrian procession.

Special leisure activities

  • Cultural Center “Linse”
  • Klosterfestspiele Weingarten
  • Nordic Activ Walking Center
  • Bike fascilities Nessenreben
  • Outdoor pool
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Training path in the forest


  • Carnival
  • “Blutfreitag”
  • Klosterfestspiele Weingarten
  • “Super Saturdays”
  • City ​​Festival
  • Guelph Festival
  • Nicholas Market