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Biodiesel made from french fries

Students of Industrial Biotechnology at Biberach University of Applied Sciences have made biodiesel from used French fries grease in the lab – it can be used as fuel for a corresponding car. The McDonald’s franchisee Andreas Heck in Biberach has assisted the college and provided several liters of used frying fat from his restaurant.

Usually, such laboratory internships are carried out with fresh vegetable oil. However, it was important for the degree program that the students experience that they can also produce the valuable source of energy from a residue. In fact, most could not imagine that from old fat crystal clear biodiesel can be obtained. Now they know “what is possible!”, says the 21-year-old Franziska Maier enthusiastically. Incidentally, the results obtained with the biodiesel from McDonald’s Frittierfett achieved top values, so that cooperation between the university and McDonald’s should now be expanded. So in future there will be more biodiesel made from used french fries made in Biberach!

“Targeted recycling of existing materials is becoming increasingly important in our recycling management,” explains franchisee Andreas Heck. “Of course, if we can support practical science in this context, I am all the more pleased.” Andreas Heck operates six McDonald’s restaurants in the region. Overall, the franchisee employs around 230 people, including eight apprentices and five students from a dual university.

The Industrial Biotechnology program also works on this and trains engineers who can develop, understand and apply bioprocesses for the production of energy sources and recyclable materials. As in this case: Biodiesel made from french fries!