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Book cover for the Ebner publishing house

Book cover for the Ebner publishing house


The title – the equivalent of content and form
Redesign of a book cover

A design competition for the best book cover was the reason:
Prof. Sabine Wagner provided the design project and the appropriate company visit for her course Design Basics II: Visual Communication.

On the very first day of the semester, the Communications Design Study Group experienced one of the largest German book printers live and on site – the Ebner & amp; Spiegel GmbH in Ulm-Böfingen. Project task for the students was the design of a book cover using a provided dummy tape with real content and delivered text content for the cover design. In addition, covers for a second and third volume, which form a thematic book series with the first volume, should be created.

Ideas sketches, drafts and finalized layout were in demand. The quality of the conceptual development, the use of the selected typographic and creative means in the implementation, the presentation and the documentation of the design results were evaluated.