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Zeppelin University invites you to a student academy about economics, politics, culture and communication

Photo: Zeppelin Universität

The Zeppelin University (ZU) invites committed secondary school students from Germany and its neighboring countries to Germany’s largest university student academy from Tuesday, July 30 to Saturday, August 3. Applications are possible until 15 June.

The participants have the opportunity to study with scientists and lecturers of ZU for a week. Together, they search for answers in their personal fields of interest in business, politics, culture and communication. The program includes theoretical reflections, case studies and discussions with researchers and practitioners.

The student academy offers the following courses:

Course Economy: “How sustainable are family businesses?”

Family businesses play an important role in business, politics and society. To continue to fulfill this role, family businesses must face up to the challenges of the future. What does the future of the economy look like? How can family businesses compete with Netflix, Uber and Co., and how can they be sustainably future-proofed? The aim of the course is to critically analyze these questions. For this purpose, future scenarios of the economy are first developed in groups, after which the entire innovation process in a family-owned company is traversed: from the problem to the prototype.

Course Culture & Communication: “How does communication in election campaigns work?”

Election campaigns are among the highlights of political communication. Parties deliberately promote attention and approval, attack competitors and mobilize for their issues. Meanwhile, journalism takes up political content and strategies, seeks exclusive information, and engages as a critical commentator on the political scene. In the course we discuss the tension and power relationship between the media and politics. We address key theories of political communication and refer to the areas of political campaigning and political journalism during election campaigns. Following this, we conduct a simulation game in a practical part, in which we get to know the logic and interaction of key players.

Course Politics & Society: “What is Populism?”

With a view to current political developments in Germany, Europe and the world is spoken repeatedly by populists. It is often unclear what populism actually means. Where is the essential core? What role does populism play in Western democracies? How can we explain the emergence of populist currents and how exactly does populism work? And why do we have to talk about social media? These are questions that are currently being addressed by political and administrative science. In the course, we will not only deal with the topic theoretically, but also perform practical exercises.

In addition to the work in the chosen course, the participants will also be offered an accompanying program that includes evening events on general topics and an excursion.

The student academy is sponsored by the Werner and Erika Messmer Foundation Radolfzell. High school students who are at least 16 years old at the start of the academy can apply.

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