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New technical study courses at Kempten University of Applied Sciences

The Kempten University of Applied Sciences is expanding its practice-oriented study program in the field of engineering with the new bachelor programs “Automotive Engineering” and “Process Engineering and Sustainability”. Currently, the application period for the winter semester 2019/2020 starts with the start of lectures on 1 October. Prospective students can apply online at

Bachelor Automotive Engineering
The vehicle technology is not only the driving force of the German economy, the mobility of people and goods has a central social significance worldwide. Current developments in the areas of electromobility, assistance systems or autonomous driving concern passenger, utility and construction vehicles alike. They provide exciting questions and challenges, although conventional drives will remain indispensable for a longer period of time. The new Bachelor Automotive Engineering builds on the foundations of mechanical engineering. The students are also taught comprehensive competencies in the areas of vehicle development, testing and vehicle production. The study meets the increasing demand for mechatronic solutions by integrating the automation technology. Graduates expect outstanding career and career opportunities in the globally networked automotive industry, including its supply industry, with diverse and challenging fields of work. In the Allgäu construction and agricultural machinery manufacturers are other potential employers.

Bachelor Process Engineering and Sustainability
Global problems such as drinking water scarcity, the entry of plastics into the oceans, climate change, the emission of pollutants or dwindling resources are the focus of politics, business and society. Businesses are increasingly challenged to contribute in the form of comprehensive recycling and sustainability strategies to address the visible problems associated with each production. Sustainability and conservation of resources are therefore already core elements of modern production processes. Students of the Bachelor in Process Engineering and Sustainability receive a strong process-oriented and procedural training based on the fundamentals of engineering and natural sciences. Compared to classical process engineering, the degree program takes up new elements and focuses in recycling processes, water management and environmental technology. The future graduates can control and optimize internal recycling and the sustainability of processes in companies. They help make the productions more environmentally friendly, sustainable and cost-effective.

The demand for suitably specialized process technology engineers is high, both in the Allgäu / Swabia region, which is characterized by medium-sized industrial companies in the process industry, and nationwide.

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Both courses are assigned to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and comprise seven semesters, including a practical semester. After successful completion of studies, the university awards the academic degree “Bachelor of Engineering”.
As part of the dual study options, a so-called “study with in-depth practice” is possible, which particularly intertwines theory and practice. More than 100 partner universities worldwide make it possible to complete part of your studies abroad.

Prospective students can now apply online at for the winter semester 2019/20209, starting on 1 October. The new degree programs are admission-free. In other words, as long as all the necessary prerequisites have been met and the relevant documents are available, applicants will receive an admission offer in a timely manner.
In order to make it easier to start studying, a mathematics pre-course will be offered in September for all technical bachelor’s degree programs.