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59 freshman students find out about study preparation

Photo: DHBW Heidenheim

How can I meaningfully and actively use the time before the beginning of the lectures to start my studies smoothly? These and other questions were answered by 59 undergraduates of the technical degree programs and business information systems of the DHBW Heidenheim at a kick-off event on the subject of study preparation. The future freshman students had the opportunity to explore in advance the university and the “cube” in the Marienstraße. They already got to know their future fellow students personally before starting their studies and talked to one of the mentors about their personal experiences during their studies.

“There is a growing range of mathematical prior knowledge among undergraduate students. In order to pave the way for a successful study, DHBW Heidenheim offers prospective students a target group-specific study preparation program,” explains organizer Heike Gunzenhauser. Her colleague Silke Maier adds: “We are therefore particularly pleased that so many take advantage of the offer of targeted preparation.”

The offered study preparation program prepares you individually for your studies and offers considerable time flexibility. For example, anyone, or anyone who has just graduated from a vocational or technical college, can begin to prepare for mathematics “StudiStartUp” already half a year before the start of the semester, thus closing larger knowledge gaps over a long period of self-study.

All prospective students are recommended to take the online course “Studienstart”. Based on the results of an entrance test, the participants will receive a learning recommendation. The corresponding exercise material is automatically unlocked to close accurately existing gaps in mathematical knowledge. In addition to mathematical content, interdisciplinary modules, for example on learning strategies, can also be used.

In addition, basic courses or pre-courses can be visited on site if required.