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What do to after high school? Find your own career path with the BA online test

Photo: Bundesagentur für Arbeit

“What shall I become?” Many young people are now facing this question, especially in the last weeks of the school year. The choice is not easy. With more than 350 training occupations and several thousand courses of study one quickly loses the overview. The Federal Employment Agency (BA) has developed an online tool that supports career guidance and supplements career guidance

With the self-assessment tool aspiring high school graduates can test which study program or which apprenticeship suit them. Questions about skills, strengths and interests are asked online using test procedures. On the basis of these inputs, the tool determines appropriate training occupations and fields of study. Anyone who also wants to know how to continue their career after completing their training can also get suitable suggestions.

The results can be printed, saved and discussed in personal consultation with a career adviser or career counselor.

The self-discovery tool is available here: