Studying in the heart of Southern Germany!

We women study mechanical engineering!

If you want to study mechanical engineering in Aalen, like Isabell, you can apply until the 15th of July 2019 for the winter semester. Photo credits: © Aalen University, Dennis Herzog

Isabell, Aysun, Saadet and Regina have all studied mechanical engineering at Aalen University of Applied Sciences and have successfully completed their Masters. In short and crisp videos, the four young female engineers are now encouraging students who have a mechanical engineering background to not be dissuaded. Prospective students can apply for one of the numerous mechanical engineering courses in Aalen until Monday, July 15, for the upcoming winter semester.

Isabell is happy because she has successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in “Mechanical Engineering / Development: Design and Simulation” and her research master at Aalen University. In her video portrait, she encourages students who are interested in studying technology: “It is always worth the effort and it strengthens self-confidence. In the end, it’s absolutely worth it, if you persevered.” Each of the four young women has a different background: Isabell did not like mathematics and physics at school. It has always been clear to Aysun that she wants to do something technically after graduation. Saadet started after elementary school, and Regina’s favorite subject at school was actually fine art. What they all finally got to do a mechanical engineering study, they tell in their portraits. They also report on their reactions to their choice of study (“Do you study mechanical engineering – do you then repair washing machines?”) And how did you feel as a woman in a technical degree program. The videos can be found on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Aalen University of Applied Sciences under