Motorsports legend Willy Rampf at Aalen University

With electric motors on the race track at Pikes Peak - this is what Willy Rampf is talking about on May 27 at the Aalen University. Image: © Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH / Manuela Richardson

Willy Rampf has seen just about everything in motorsport. On Monday, May 27, 2019, the current consultant for technical developments and motorsport projects will speak at Volkswagen Motorsport at Aalen University – including the race at Pikes Peak, near Colorado Springs. The lecture starts at 5.30 pm in the auditorium of the university.

“You could put in a few rechargeable batteries, but then the electric race car would be heavier, which would add up the extra power,” says Willy Rampf. The former racing engineer in Formula 1 later became Technical Director at Volkswagen Motorsport and there specifically for the project “I.D. R “reactivated as a consultant. He gained experience and knowledge, which in turn would benefit the development of electric production cars, says Rampf.

The mountain race on Pikes Peak has been held annually since 1916. With 156 curves from 2,862 to 4,302 meters and a track length of 20 kilometers, the electric record is just under eight minutes. Turning on electricity is sensible and innovative. Conventional cars with internal combustion engines not only pollute the clear mountain air, but lose more and more power as they increase due to the constantly decreasing oxygen content. This is not a problem for an e-racer – only the driver gasps. So also had world-class rider Romain Dumas while turf on the mountain extra oxygen. However, he was not supplied by a breathing mask or nasogastric tube, but by a tube between his lips. He betrayed that before the race. After all, such a race car is not an intensive care unit.

The lecture of Rampf at the University of Aalen starts at 17.30 in the auditorium on the Campus Beethovenstraße. Participation is free. To register via the homepage: .