Mechatronics students in Sligo, Ireland

Sutdenten in Irland
How the student life in Ireland feels was tested by the sutdents of Hochschule Kempten in the typical Irish pubs and during a surfing course in the rough waves of the Atlantic.

For several years, there is a lively exchange between Kempten mechatronics students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and their fellow students of the Irish partner university, the Institute of Technology Sligo as part of the so-called. Spring Week. After the beginning of the summer term guests lingered from Ireland in the Allgäu, took place recently, the return visit of Kempten mechatronics students of the fourth semester in the green island .

For a week they were offered a varied program consisting of interesting and practical lectures, excursions and leisure activities. In addition to a campus tour and cultural insights into the work and influence of the writer William Butler Yeats, the students were welcomed by the Mayor Rosaleen O’Grady in the town hall of Kempten sister city.

Technically, the budding mechatronics engineers employed with a practical excursion into factory automation and attended lectures on industrial networks, control systems, programming of QR codes as well as for data processing software LabVIEW. The complicated operations involved in the production of dosing devices for soaps and other hygiene products were introduced to them during a tour of the Ophardt Hygiene plants.