CHE University Ranking 2019/20: Top marks for Ulm psychology and electrical engineering

Studierende an der Uni Ulm
Students at the University of Ulm (Symbol: Elvira Eberhardt, University of Ulm)

Psychology students award top marks for their studies at the University of Ulm in the current ranking of the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). In the categories “general study situation”, “support at the beginning of studies” and “educational offer” the psychology of Ulm reaches the top group and reaches in the Germany-wide comparison place 6. A total of 61 universities are listed. Only with the support rate is the Ulm study offer in the middle group.

The Ulm University also scores very well in the newly evaluated Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and makes it among the top three universities, with a total of 29 evaluated facilities. Top marks are awarded by the surveyed students in the categories “study organization”. The study offer also reaches the first group in the indicator “Support at the beginning of studies”. The “general study situation” is assessed by the students with the grade 2. In the assessment of “graduation in a reasonable time”, the University of Ulm places itself in the middle group.

In addition, the young master’s program in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, a joint offer with Biberach University of Applied Sciences, and the new subject of chemical engineering will be awarded. However, since only information data on the degree programs has been passed on and no student evaluations have been included, the ranking for these subjects is not very meaningful.

In the ZEIT Study Guide 2019/20 and on ZEIT CAMPUS ONLINE, the latest results of the university ranking are published by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE). With more than 150,000 surveyed students and more than 300 universities and colleges of applied sciences, the ranking is the most comprehensive and detailed university comparison in German-speaking countries. Each year around one third of the offered subjects are re-examined. For 2019/20 these included biotechnology, chemical engineering / applied chemistry, electrical engineering and information technology, or mechanical engineering. Judges from the professorship and statistical facts are included in the ranking, in addition to evaluations of the students.