Product developer in the food industry

Industrial biotechnologist

What do bioplastics, biodegradable detergents and a cool Pils have in common? – All three are industrial biotechnology products!

As an industrial biotechnologist, you are dealing with alternative energy sources, biodegradable recyclables, probiotic dairy products and much more.

Biotechnology means that the work is done by microorganisms or enzymes. Of course you have to know which conditions the little helpers need to be able to work optimally. The processes take place in fermenters in sometimes quite large scales – you can design or operate a 30 m³ fermenter. The manufacturing processes also include all the trappings, which means that you also have to worry about how your raw materials get into the fermenter and how you can get the products into the condition we need them on a daily basis.
Biotechnology is a discipline where a lot of research is done. For example: How can we hopefully reduce our dependence on fossil fuels one day, not too far away? Or: How can we sustainably produce ecologically compatible alternatives, right on our doorstep?

As broad as the fields of application of industrial biotechnology are diversified, so is the timetable of our study program Industrial Biotechnology (Energy and Recyclables). Not only in the lectures, but also in numerous laboratory internships you deal u.a. with technical microbiology, with process engineering and chemistry.

You can study the study program Industrial Biotechnology (Energy and Recyclables) at the University of Biberach.