Graduate of Business Administration Service Marketing

Graduate of Business Administration Service Marketing

The DHBW Heidenheim offers many different dual study courses in the areas of social work, business, technology, health and computer science. Each area has different degrees of study. Thus, the degree program Business Administration offers the specializations trade, industry, insurance, bank and service marketing.

Studying at the Cooperative State University differs from “normal” study programs in that students are able to get involved in their profession while still studying and gain work experience. Through the changing phases of theory and practice, every student gets an insight into his professional life. As a result, every graduate of our university is well prepared for their subsequent career path.

Studying business administration service marketing, for example, enables graduates to gain a foothold in advertising agencies, publishers or in tourism. Due to the practice-oriented education, the chances of employment are very high. Likewise, chances of acquiring a permanent employment relationship in the training center are not uncommon.

A typical job description of a graduate of Business Administration Service Marketing is that he has the ability to work independently and / or as a team in a business and customer-oriented manner. He can represent the company positively to the outside and skillfully use advertising media. His duties also include the coordination and organization of various events, such as Advertising campaigns and trade fair appearances.

However, one must not forget that this is a business degree program. In addition to all the skills in the field of media design and media management, the abilities of every graduate also lie in the field of business administration. Thus, a graduate in the fields of business administration, economics, law, mathematics and financial accounting for the professional life is well prepared and used.

The degree programm Business Administration Service Marketing you can study at the DHBW Heidenheim .