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Founder of a nationwide bus company

Those who miss the wanderlust usually use trains, cars or planes for their journey. Englishmen, Spaniards, Swedes and many other Europeans can also use a transport alternative in their countries, which is almost unknown in Germany: long-distance buses. In Germany, regular bus connections over longer distances are hardly present. This inexpensive way of traveling is prevented by a law from the 1930’s. Politics have been arguing for years about the liberalization of long-distance bus transport. Three students from Zürich University did not want to wait any longer and demand “freedom for long-distance buses!”: Their internet platform DeinBus.de is already revolutionizing long-distance traffic.

DeinBus.de is an example. Basically:

Studying at Zeppelin University gives you many options. Therefore, we do not think it is not helpful to introduce you to a typical profession of our graduates, because there is not. If there is a commonality between our students then it is that they all went their own way.

Our graduates manage cultural institutions, advise companies, work in advertising agencies and banks, work in government ministries or political consultancies or work as journalists. And not a few start their own business.

A similar success story can be achieved by studying at the Zeppelin University .