Employee in IT management at a car manufacturer

Employee in IT Management at a car manufacturer

In modern cars, there’s more IT technology then ever before: navigation systems have been standard for years, as well as on-board electronics or driver assistance systems. Today, cars have Internet access, have software in numerous control modules, communicate with other passing cars on traffic and potential dangers and use modern web technologies.

In the IT management of an automobile manufacturer, you master complex issues and make responsible decisions: How can computer technology be used in automotive development, in production, in customer service or in the vehicle itself to bring more efficiency, more sustainability, more safety, more driving pleasure? Where do adjustments need to be made in the programs and how can a new application be smoothly integrated? As an employee in IT management, you work as a specialist, in administration or in management in the automotive industry. You know the way IT works and speak the “language” of the professionals. You are thus an “interpreter” between the computer scientists on the one hand and the business economists on the other.

Your degree in Information Management Automotive prepares you for this job: Learn how the various players in the automotive industry work together, how cars work, how they are designed, built and marketed, and what the industry’s challenges are – and you’ll also gain in-depth knowledge the industry-specific information systems and technologies and their use in the companies and it will be taught you, in addition to IT technology, know-how on business fundamentals and work in project management.

You can study the degree program Information Management Automotive at the Hochschule Neu-Ulm .